Coaches Evaluation (Southpoint Minor Hockey)

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The purpose of this evaluation form is to gather feedback regarding the current season of play. Please be honest and objective when submitting your response. Your feedback assists in the selection process of next season's coaches and also helps Southpoint Minor Hockey to identify successes and opportunities for improvement. In order for the form to process you MUST identify yourself in the "Your Name" field. Anonymous submissions will not be reviewed.
Required Information. You may submit multiple forms if evaluating more than one person or team.
  1. Select a team from the list
  2. Full Name (submit multiple forms if evaluating more than one person)
  3. Head Coach, Assistant Coach,...
  4. Full Name. Anonymous Submissions are not reviewed.
  5. Phone # or email address
Please evaluate this hockey team's practice time using the rating scale below.
Please evaluate the following game experiences of this hockey team using the rating scale below.
Please evaluate the following general experiences of this hockey team.
Please evaluate the following overall experiences of your son or daughter’s hockey team. If the question is not applicable do not select a response.
  1. Please leave blank if your child is too old to return to hockey next season.
  2. Specific to coach being evaluated.
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